Democrats and Republicans outline opposing housing policies in party platforms


Ahead of the major conventions, both parties released their official party platforms – documents that outline fundamental goals and give a glimpse into what their agendas will be should they win in November. Both platforms describe housing policies, though neither goes into a lot of detail on how those goals may be achieved.

The Republican housing platform boils down to an emphasis on deregulation, releasing government conservatorship of Fannie and Freddie, and possibly abolishing the CFPB.


  • Definitely restructure CFPB, possibly get rid of agency altogether
  • End the use of disparate impact to enforce fair lending laws – counter to Supreme Court decision of 2015
  • Reduce regulatory burdens they say reduce access to affordable mortgages for many Americans
  • Scale back the federal role in the housing market, promote responsibility on the part of borrowers and lenders to avoid future taxpayer bailouts

Not surprisingly, the Democratic platform outlines opposing goals to the Republicans. Many of their policies are designed to build upon the housing reforms passed under the current Democratic administration, such as the recently passed Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing law and support for the CFPB, created by Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren under Obama.


  • Provide more federal resources to the people “struggling most” – such as the disabled, minorities and veterans
  • Create more affordable rental units by increasing the budget of National Housing Trust Fund
  • Modernizing credit scoring to expand access to mortgages for borrowers with nontraditional credit history
  • Continue conservatorship of Fannie and Freddie
  • Defending and strengthening The Fair Housing Act

Which platform do you think will benefit the Americans more? Let us know in the comments!

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